Software Development Times® was launched in February 2000 as the twice-monthly newspaper of record for the software development industry. Set apart from the traditional code-filled technical journals for rank-and-file programmers, SD Times was written from the beginning for the programmer’s boss, the development manager. And in a world where any programmer can search online for any technical tip or trick they want, SD Times’ coverage of what’s happening and what it means endures in print as the No. 1 publication in the software development market. More companies run more ad pages in SD Times than any other IT magazine in print (source: IMS: The Auditor).

SD Times began reaching 40,000 software development managers, but has expanded carefully over the years and now reaches more than 79,000 project leaders, architects and development managers in 119 countries. Now published monthly, SD Times brings the kind of in-depth reviews of the critical issues facing development management along with traditional original reporting of the news often missed by the broad-based IT industry press—information critical to our readers.