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Software Development Times®, the flagship of BZ Media, was launched in February 2000 as the twice-monthly newspaper of record for the software development industry. Set apart from the traditional code-filled technical journals for rank-and-file programmers, SD Times was written from the beginning for the programmer’s boss, the development manager. And in a world where any programmer can search online for any technical tip or trick they want, SD Times’ coverage of what’s happening and what it means endures in print as the No. 1 publication in the software development market. More companies run more ad pages in SD Times than any other IT magazine in print (source: IMS: The Auditor).

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 1.29.29 PM.pngSD Times began reaching 40,000 software development managers, but has expanded carefully over the years and now reaches more than 79,000 project leaders, architects and development managers in 119 countries. Now published monthly, SD Times brings the kind of in-depth reviews of the critical issues facing development management along with traditional original reporting of the news often missed by the broad-based IT industry press—information critical to our readers.

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News on Monday

NOMlanding.jpgNews on Monday™ is the weekly electronic newsletter breaking the hotter news to more than 105,000 subscribers each Monday afternoon. Filled with original reporting, News on Monday also features popular columns by industry experts.

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Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.38.00 is where the hottest breaking news flows from our team of crack software development market reporters. What’s happening, as it happens, as well as tens of thousands of archived stories, columns, analyses and special reports are there for the browsing at Serving more than 1,000,000 pageviews and 150,000 unique visitors per month, banner space on is often sold out, so make sure to reserve your position early.

SD Times Supplements

Since 2003, SD Times has gone in-depth offering readers a look at the key vendors in hot growing markets. Topics include the annual .NET Component and ALM Supplements, as well as closer looks at Testing, Mobile Development, Eclipse, Java and Database Management tools. These freestanding magazine-sized supplements act as a buyer’s guide for development managers, with long shelf lives and an exceptional opportunity to deliver a targeted message to potential buyers.

ITOps Times

ITOps Times is aimed at IT managers who need to stay on top of rapid, massive changes to how software is deployed, managed and updated. With so much unfiltered and unreliable information over the internet, the need for a trusted guide such as ITOpsTimes is more important than ever.


What’s happening in the IT Ops market- place — new products, who’s buying whom, industry alliances, standards activity, rumors and rumblings — is published each day to the website. Our online editors ferret out the top stories of the day, publish them, then promote via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other venues. A sister website,, had 900,000+ unique visitors in 2017.

Lively articles, guest views, conversations with industry luminaries and more — designed to help frame the news and provide context and perspective — will appear each quarter in a special IT Ops section of SD Times magazine, which has 79,000 print and digital subscribers. This section aims to bridge the gap between development and operations, giving development managers the information they need to create and configure IT environments, and giving IT managers insights into how software can be used to define networks and more. ITOps Times helps IT managers make sense of the rapidly evolving world in which they live and work.

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SD Times Webinars

As the Exclusive Sponsor of an SD Times Webinar, you will raise the perception of your company as an industry expert and an industry leader while gathering targeted sales leads from the SD Times audience. All we need is some presenter time and copy—let SD Times do the work!

SD Times’ editorial integrity and involvement ensure seminar attendees there will be a quality program rather than just a sales pitch. A substantial marketing campaign precedes your Webinar, and this marketing is done in conjunction with the SD Times brand. To do this much marketing to the SD Times audience on your own would cost more than twice what you’ll pay. Pull red-hot leads from outside your own customer base or prospect pool!

SD Times White Paper and Lead Generation Programs

SD Times generates thousands of high-quality targeted leads for more than 100 companies each year via syndication of white papers, click-to-download programs, subscription co-registration programs, and more.

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