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ITOps Times is aimed at IT managers who need to stay on top of rapid, massive changes to how software is deployed, managed and updated. With so much unfiltered and unreliable information over the internet, the need for a trusted guide such as ITOpsTimes is more important than ever.


What’s happening in the IT Ops market-place — new products, who’s buying whom, industry alliances, standards activity, rumors and rumblings — is published each day to the website. Our online editors ferret out the top stories of the day, publish them, then promote via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other venues. A sister website,, had 900,000+ unique visitors in 2017.

Lively articles, guest views, conversations with industry luminaries and more — designed to help frame the news and provide context and perspective — will appear each quarter in a special IT Ops section of SD Times magazine, which has 79,000 print and digital subscribers. This section aims to bridge the gap between development and operations, giving development managers the information they need to create and configure IT environments, and giving IT managers insights into how software can be used to define networks and more. ITOps Times helps IT managers make sense of the rapidly evolving world in which they live and work.

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